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At Synergy, we have different interior styles, including modern, wood, and luxury options. The exterior colors to choose from are black, grey, and white. 

Modern Interior RV

Our modern RVs give you the complete mobile travel experience! Our modern interiors include marble countertops, a total kitchen area, and a dining area. The bedding area is spacious, but also cozy and comfortable. If you love the modern style of decor and also want the freedom to travel and lodge, our Modern RV is just the thing for you!


Now $540.00 with 10% off!


Wood Interior RV

With the warm, cozy feeling of a cabin, our wood RV, is just that… on wheels! Our wood interiors feature marble countertops and tables, wood cabinets and floors, and a queen-sized bed.


Now $810.00 with 10% off!

Luxury Interior RV

With our Luxury interior RV’s, you can immerse yourself in a full “glamping” experience. Our luxury interior includes marble countertops, wood cabinets, and floors, white leather furniture, a queen-sized bed, and a fireplace. With the luxury interior, you can travel the world, in style!


Now $2550.00 with 15% off!

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