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Get 10% off Modern and Wood Rv's and 15% of our Luxury RV!

Introducing our new product!

Volkswagen Camper Boat

If you love the water, and want the luxury of lodging on it, while having that mobility, then our new camper boat is perfect for you!


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Life On Wheels 

From vans to RVs, Synergy wants to create an immersive experience for you. Although it's not your traditional home, we want to give you the cozy feeling that you get at a regular home, while allowing you to travel as much as you want. At Synergy, we want to create a life on wheels, wherever you want!



Synergy is the ultimate mobile home, van, and RV destination. With many different styles of decorations, there is assured to be one for you! If you like comfort and mobility, then we are the company for you!

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